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Be adventurous! Try all the different types of activities Charleston has to offer, from dune bugging to fishing or hiking. There is something for everyone!

The harbor is the heart of this community and serves as a home port to a large commercial fishing fleet. You’ll find a bustling marina serving charter boat operators, sports fishermen, crabbers and recreational boaters. The harbor area includes restaurants, tackle shops, fresh seafood, and specialty gift shops. Unique seafood restaurants will appease any palette. You can choose from the Portside Restaurantserving arguably the best fish and chips around from catch of the day for the fresh fish or the Miller's at the Cove Pub for their amazing sourdough hamburgers. The High Tide cafe serves the best clam chowder around. If you’d like a more authentic experience, stop by our fish markets on the docks at Fisherman's Wharf, or at Chuck Seafood market.

We are surrounded by both mountains and beaches which makes it twice the fun!!!

There s also a golf course just a few miles away at Sunset Bay

The mountains are surrounded by lakes and dunes.

Check out all the fun activities you and your family can do during your stay at our friendly motel !



First, you will need to know the tides right here.

Fishing license: here 


On the Docks :

     Rent yourself some crab rings at             business in the Charleston area.

     Basin Tackle shop or Englund                   Marine Supply.


When you ask the locals here on the South Oregon Coast for recommendations on popular outdoor adventures, many of them will tell you to go clamming.

The low tides commonly found from Empire to Charleston make our region ideal for clam digging which could result in a tasty treat whether served in chowder, steamed or fried.

Check the handy dandy tide book, and see when the lowest tide is.

See here where to go clamming 


Or you can choose to go Deep Sea Fishing with Capt John! Lingcod, Tuna, 

Salmon or crabbing. For a trip on a bigger boat, Betty Kay is one of the best. 

You can check the weather and forecast here.


Attractions ~ Restaurants

Shore Acres Botanical Gardens

Whale Watching 

Cape Arago Lighthouse

South Slough Estuary

Sunset Bay and golf course (3.4 miles)

Enjoy Charleston's local restaurants & coffee shops :

  • The Portside (across the street)


Oyster Cove Plaza:

On main road, Cape Arago Highway : 

Go on the Charleston walking tour and visit the Marine Life Center and discover the treasure it can offer. Monkey Business Food truck will be waiting for you for breakfast and lunch time, as well as Sea Basket restaurant on the docks. Don't forget to get a souvenir for your family or friends at Mc Kinney's Gift shop.

Where are they all located?

See map





Sandboarding :

Check out this place where fun and sand are two words inseparable! For all levels, for beginners to professionals. Just at 1h half from the motel. You can also rent an ATV!



Canoe / Kayak

at South Slough Estuary

Paddle board


( remember to purchase your fishing licence! )


ATV Rentals


Rent a ATV and Have fun in the Dunes!!

The nearest rental is just 20 minutes away !


In the Forest

You can go :





Mountain Biking 

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